Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry x-mas Marcus



  1. awww i had a posted dedicated to me =). Merry Christmas to you too!!!

  2. So there's a few songs i've been listening to repeatedly that I want you to check out.

    My Girls by Animal Collective
    Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear
    Animal by Miike Snow.

    GET ON IT!

  3. Yes Sir!
    I'll be back with a report.

    I got two for you to check out ...

    1) Single by Lil' Wayne
    2) It's Been a Pleasure by Drake

  4. heard Single back when No Ceilings dropped, chill joint.

    and funny thing about It's Been a Pleasure is that I was gonna recommend it to you! lol.

    wat'd u think of the songs i told ya to check out?

  5. Single is a funny song. Makes one want to get high.

    It's Been A Pleasure goes hard, one of my anthems for '10.

    Don't be disappointed, but I hated them ALL the first one sounds like a musical and the last two sounded like they should be theme songs to television series.

    Me sorry =P

    Next,we need to talk about how freaking epic the Wale and Cudi albums were. And I want you to check out Love You Down by Meshell Ndegeocello ... ALSO have you heard Sade's new song yet?

  6. Single does make u kinda want to inhale fumes lol. If i smoked i'd definitely light one up to that song.

    Funny thing about It's Been A Pleasure is that it's an unfinished song, that's not even the full version.

    hah! i wasn't sure if you'd like em but I wanted you to check em out. Yea they're very indie so they're definitely not for everyone. I guess i just been in an indie zone lately lol. Expanding my musical base ya kno?

    Wale's album I thought was pretty damn solid. I can see how it wouldn't sell as much as Cudi or Drake but it's a good debut. He raps about a lot of topics that a lot of rappers aren't right now and I definitely respect him for that. Cudi's album on the other hand is on a whole nother level. He found a way to mix hip-hop with psychedelic electro-rock and added a dream story backdrop to it. It was risky as hell and he pulled it off perfectly.

    of course i've heard Soldier Of Love! shit is real different from what I'm used to hearing from Sade but I like it =D