Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random facts about moi

It's about time I stop neglecting my blog and followers. Here's a little something something ...

- I used to have a blog called YenQuintessence. The shi* became dry for me, and I bounced.
- I recently got my first tat.
- I've almost completely made up my mind about moving to Chicago this summer, the DMV is no longer where it's at. At least for me anyway.
- I like sex. A lot.
- My boyfriend is way older than me.
- My hair is real.
- My relationship with God has become so much stronger in these past couple of months.
- One of the reasons I'm moving to Chi Town is to attend SAIC. I want to finish my degree in Architecture there.
- The History Channel is my favorite.
- This really touched my heart.
- This sh*t is wild.
- A guy told me that I was special yesterday. He said it so genuinely, made me melt.
- I'm in a really good place in life right now.
- "So like Nino in New Jack I holler cancel that bi*ch..." (50 Cent). I've had to cancel a few bi*ches since this year has started, and my life hasn't been more peaceful and fulfilled.
- Marcus haven't I matured?
- I follow blogs, but I'ma let it be known that I rarely read posts or comment. Nothing personal. Just real hard to interest me. Does that make me a douche?
- I detest Twitter.

. to be continued!


  1. that explains why i get no comment love from u anymore *sniff sniff* lol jk. Yea u've definitely matured though you always seemed pretty mature to me.
    Damn movin to the Chi huh? Well hope I get to at least chill with ya once one day, if not u always still got a friend in the DMV in this guy ;).

  2. oh by the way, u a texter? if so hit me up on my blog and i'll drop u my number.

  3. aww i wish you would post more.
    i like your random facts lol.
    i deleted my twitter a while back, its full of drama, stupid topics & annoying shit lol.

  4. @superduperkya - I wish I could post more too but I suddenly couldn't think of anything interesting pertaining to myself. LOL! Yay,someone I can hate Twitter with =P Btw thanks for following my blog =] I checked out yours ... the layout alone interested me so I' pretty much I'll actually read and comment your posts.

    @Marcus - Well you're an exception,somtimes I'm just too lazy. I do read what you write though =)

    Yes sir Chicago! We should meet and hang out at least once huh?

    And I still have your # ... unless if you changed it.

  5. well that's reassuring lol. I'm too lazy to comment on pplz blogs sometimes too lol.

    i never knew u wanted to be an architect, that's wassup! probably gonna be the best lookin architect out there lol.

    u do? hmmmm well i never got urs or else i would been textin u by now lol