Monday, March 8, 2010

On to the next one

Solange - "Under Construction"

I broke up with my boyfriend today. I'm disgusted with myself because I feel so relieved. He was a really good guy, but I've been doing some thinking, and realized that I didn't deserve him or what he had to offer. I wasn't ready. Settling down was in his near future, it's in my far future. We weren't on the same page, I knew that from the get-go, but I was too selfish to let him go. As of late, I had begun to resent him. I thought of him as a distraction and nuisance that was holding me back, and all the man ever wanted was my time.

I don't think I'll ever settle down, it's not for me.
But, that's okay.


  1. This is why i never try and date people older than me because you will almost always be on different wavelengths which almost always leads to disaster in a relationship. I'm glad ur not the type of person who will keep living a lie for the sake of security, don't be disgusted with yourself, you did the right thing. Never say never though, I'm sure you'll meet a guy one day who ur gonna end up wanting to settle down with but till that day comes just enjoy life. You're young, beautiful and intelligent so the world is pretty much yours lol.

    p.s. no wories, i forgive you for the neglect XD. thanx for the birthday wishes, better late than never!

  2. well as long as you let him go instead of just stringing him along for no reason. and if its the best thing for you then do it! ps, you're beautiful mama!